Getting Started

What are the Unreal SDK dev requirements?

  • Development can be done in Unreal on Windows machine (Mac development not supported)
  • The Leia Unreal SDK is supports Unreal 5.2

Which LitByLeia™ devices does the Unreal SDK support?

  • Lume Pad 2
  • Devs should expect their products to be distributed using the Leia Appstore

Project Requirements

Ability To Build To Android Devices

Ensure your project is already able to build to Android devices before adding in the Leia Plugin. More details for this process, please view the following Unreal Android documentation:

Target Platform: Mobile / Tablet

Set Target platform to Mobile / Tablet for compatibility with Lume Pad 2 device

Import The Plugin

LeiaCamera Setup

We must set up a LeiaCamera in your Unreal level in order to render content correctly for a LitByLeia™ device.
Drag the LeiaCameraPawn into the level
Assign a Target Camera. The object that is assigned as the Target Camera must have a Camera Component

Leia Camera Pawn Components

Target Camera

The camera that is being used for rendering

Baseline Scaling

Baseline scaling controls the spacing between adjacent cameras in the LeiaCamera array. This spacing can be used to increase or decrease the depth of the 3d scene on the Leia Display.
The LeiaCamera bounds represent the volume within which objects will have a comfortable level of depth on the display. Objects in front of or behind these bounds may have uncomfortable levels of depth to a viewer of the display or even appear as distinct, double images.

Convergence Distance

The convergence distance sets the location of the multi-view convergence plane with respect to the camera plane.


The color correction for rendering, it is suggested to leave this at 2.2.

Display Comfort Zone

Toggle for showing what content will look comfortable on the display

Next Steps

Leia Unreal SDK requires specific settings in the Unreal Engine. Please follow the guidelines here:
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