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Unity SDK Components

The Leia Unity SDK includes several essential components for developing lightfield content for LitByLeia™ devices, including the LeiaCamera and LeiaDisplay components.

LeiaCamera Component

The LeiaCamera component automatically creates a camera rig that allows you to render in multi-view on LitByLeia™ displays and control settings like depth and focus distance.

Baseline Scaling

Baseline scaling controls the spacing between adjacent cameras in the LeiaCamera array. This spacing can be used to increase or decrease the depth of the 3d scene on the Leia Display.
The LeiaCamera bounds represent the volume within which objects will have a comfortable level of depth on the display. Objects in front of or behind these bounds may have uncomfortable levels of depth to a viewer of the display or even appear as distinct, double images.

Convergence Distance

The convergence distance sets the location of the multi-view convergence plane with respect to the camera plane.

Camera Shift Scaling

Camera shift scaling affects how much the cameras will move based on the viewer's head movement. A scale of "1" is the default, and represents 1:1 movement with the viewer's head position.


Eye tracking will by default move the individual LeiaView cameras corresponding to the viewer's head movement on the x, y, and z axes. In some games and apps, this can be an issue, such as an FPS game where moving the cameras backwards would cause them to clip into a wall. For that reason, this checkbox was added to allow developers to turn off z-axis parallax as needed.

LeiaDisplay Component

When you add a LeiaCamera component to a scene, a LeiaDisplay gameObject will also be automatically be generated in the scene. The LeiaDisplay inspector is used to change rendering settings.
From the LeiaDisplay inspector of the scene's LeiaDisplay, users can specify a LightfieldMode for the LeiaDisplay to start in. There are two supported LightfieldModes:
  • Off - No parallax. Conventional 2D screen experience
  • On - 3D effects enabled
During play mode in the Unity Editor, switching the LeiaDisplay's LightfieldMode gives a preview in the Unity Editor of how pixels will be rendered. However, the Lightfield effect will not be apparent without a LitByLeia™ display.
During edit mode in the Unity Editor (outside of play mode), the user can select a LightfieldMode to start the scene in, then save the scene. On a LitByLeia™ device the scene will start in the LightfieldMode that the LeiaDisplay saved.
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