Getting Started

Download the Leia Unity SDK here:

What are the Unity SDK dev requirements?

  • Development can be done in Unity on a Mac or Windows machine
  • The Leia Unity SDK is supported for Unity 2020, 2021 and later LTS versions.

Which LitByLeia™ devices does the Unity SDK support?

  • Lume Pad 2
  • Devs should expect their products to be distributed using the Leia Appstore

Unity Installation

Through the Unity Hub, install Unity 2020 or 2021 LTS with Android Build Support, Open JDK, and Android SDK & NDK tools installed
Unity Hub > Installs > Install Editor > Select 'Install' for desired version > Settings > Add Modules
Select Android Build Support, OpenJDK, and Android SDK & NDK Tools > Continue
You can also check if you have the Android options installed in a premade Unity project by selecting Edit in the top toolbar > Preferences > External Tools > Checkmark JDK Installed with Unity, Android SDK Installed with Unity

Project Setup Steps

  1. 1.
    Delete your previous Leia Unity SDK folder if it exists
    • at <project_path...>\Assets\LeiaLoft\
  2. 2.
    Download the Leia Unity SDK:
  3. 3.
    Import the Leia Unity SDK .unitypackage into your Unity project.
    • While Unity is running, double-click the .unitypackage or
    • Drag the .unitypackage into your Unity project's Assets folder
  4. 4.
    Open the LeiaLoft Recommended Unity Settings window by clicking "LeiaLoft > Recommended Unity Settings", and click the "Use recommended" button for each of the recommended settings.
    If this does not pop up automatically after importing the unity package, it can be found in LeiaLoft > Recommended Unity Settings or by pressing Alt + R.
This will help to automatically set important settings such as:
  • Build Target Platform
  • Min API level for Android
  • Graphics APIs
  • Scripting Backend
  • Target Architecture
  • .NET API Compatability Level
  • Anisotropic Textures
  • Android Minification
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